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How We Help

Client Centered

All members of the Stevens Investment Group take pride in working together as a team.  John always talks about each person “finding their right seat on the bus”.   We love to utilize our individual education, background and God-given strengths to best serve our clients. 

We like to start to get to know you by spending a few minutes on the phone.  We’ll talk with you to find out about your needs and goals.  If we can best help you by having you meet with one of our professionals, we will schedule a complimentary introductory meeting. 

At SIG, we’re not just about investments and trades; rather, we want to be your partner in financial elevation. We are proactive, and will teach you how to be proactive, too. As an independent firm, we have taken a fiduciary oath to put your needs first - without exception.  

We also like to work as a team with your current attorney and tax professional to make sure all aspects of your financial life are working in unison.  Need helping building a full team?  We would be happy to introduce you to attorneys, tax professionals and financial coaches that we work with.